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January 21, 2011

U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Braziil

The U.S. Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro has decided to ease the visa application process for Brazilians who want to visit the United States. The following programs are now in place.

1. Renewing Visas Program
Applicants who are renewing U.S. visas that are still valid or have expired within the last year will receive expedited appointments and may be able to complete their visa processes without having to be interviewed by a consular officer.

2. Business Program
A Business Program has been created to expedite appointments for certain companies with strong U.S. connections.

3. Minor Program
This is program for parents who already have current U.S. visas. These parents can submit a visa application material for their child under age 14 in one of the following ways by: (a) dropping off all required documents at the Consulate General or (b) sending the application through registered mail.

The Consulate General does not require interview for this child. To participate in the program, parents must hold valid, full-time tourist visas or business visas (five-years or ten-years B2 or B1/B2.)

Likewise, applicants over 80 years of age for a B1/B2 do not need schedule an appointment and are generally not required to come to the Embassy or any Consulates for an interview or fingerprints, through the consular section reserves the right to call applicants if necessary.

4. Sport Program
Sport Program is also now in place for Brazilian athletes, teams and groups associated with Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), Confederation of Brazilian Football (CBF) and Brazilian Paralympics Committee (CBP).  Likewise for professional artists and entertainers who needs "O" and "P" visas for temporary work in the United States.

5. Entertainers and Artist Program
Under this program  Entertainers and Artist may obtain their visas through a more expeditiously arrange appointments. 

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